Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Would you believe...

That a fedearl appeals court is debating whether or not to overturn an Arizona law that denies welfare and other benefits to illegal aliens? Is this for real? I just love the response though about how it's a plan to deport illegals. Explain to me how it has anything to do with deportation. Verifying citizenship before dispensing state and federal fund in the form of welfare or medical insurance has NOTHING to do with taking someone's border-jumping, law-breaking, welfare-living butt and sending them back to whatever country they wanted out of in the first place. Why do we reward people for breaking our laws? And how on earth would a federal court even begin to have the authority to strike down a law approved by a majority of voters? Of course, since the MALDEF attorney says that "The state has no authority to enact it" I guess we get a good idea of what his opinion of democracy is.


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