Thursday, May 05, 2005

Here we go again

Step right up ladies and gentlemen. The media circus is about to start. What we have for you today is a contest between science and religion. The Kansas Board of Education is once again reviewing the teachings of evolution in the science classroom. Here's where we get to the fun part. As opposed to allowing the BOE to actually look at the evidence and make a choice, the media is already trying to sway public opinion their way. Read the article on First of all, anyone who is being honest with themselves knows that evolution is a flawed theory. Hell, you can't even pick a theory to start with. Do we go with the original gradual evolution? Do we go with spontaneous appearance? How about rapid evolution brought on by environmental factors? For the creationists in the group, you can stop getting excited. Creationism should not be taught in a science classroom. It requires the presence of a supernatural being, who by very definition is outside the realm of science. So for those who will read this post and say I must be a Bible-thumping, God is science loudmouth you can sit down and shut up. The problem with evolutionary theory is that there are too many to choose from to call it fact. None of them have been proven. If they had been proven, there wouldn't be so many theories. When scientists get back to the reality of pure science then we'll have some honesty and accountability in evolutionary study. As long as it's treated as gospel within the scientific community despite the obvious issues with the multiple theories, then we are not only shortchanging ourselves, but we are also doing a disservice to all the children learing in the classrooms across the country. We are teaching them to accept theory as fact regardless of evidence. In short, we are teaching them to accept evolution on faith. We are not teaching them to analyze data. We are not teaching them to question in order to learn the truth. We are teaching them to regurgitate spoon-fed nonsense on command. Welcome to education in America.


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