Friday, May 06, 2005


What is it about people these days that makes them think everyone has to cater to their wants? Little background here. I work a tech support line for a corporation. The tech support line is one of many options on the menu. Various companies call into the generic number and the moment they hear tech support they choose that option regardless of whether or not their issue is technical. I've had people ask me to tell them how to fill out a paper form and then get pissed off when I had to transfer them. Newsflash to the idiots: They're called Q-Tips. Invest. Clean your ears out and you might be able to listen to the message that tells you were to go. Do not abuse me cuz you're too damned lazy to sit there and listen. This is just one example of a very disturbing trend. Stop expecting the world to bow to your wishes and hand everything to you on a silver platter. Stand up and take care of yourself.

Anyway, you guys should check out Dadahead's blog. He's posted a letter written by the individual who rudely interrupted a speech by Ann Coulter. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a big fan of Ann Coulter......okay, I'm not any kind of fan, but the way this guy treated the meeting was completely unacceptable. If someone had done this at an Al Franken speech I guarantee you he'd be getting tarred and feathered now.(note to Dadahead: that's a metaphor no need for gruseome photos) What's so sad is that this person is proud of what he did. He's proud of being rude and offensive. It's one thing to be that way with friends who are used to you and your sense of humor, but how is it okay to treat a public speech like that when people, other than you obviously, may have been interested in what the speaker had to say? What's happened to common courtesy? When did basic politeness leave the country so that it's fine to treat people this way. In the end, the university police where the speech took place overreacted, roughed the kid up and cuffed him. An inappropriate response to an inappropriate action. nice to see that at least humans are consistent.


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