Thursday, June 09, 2005

Am I the only one....

That picked up on the fact that Howard Dean said the only minorities at a Repub convention would be the hotel staff? Wow, talk about your positive attitudes toward minorities. Yup, the hotel staff have to be minorities cuz Howard Dean said so. Granted, a lot of his idiotic statements lately have been overblown but how can this be ignored? This man is the chairman for the 'party of inclusiveness' and here he is talking about minorities being hotel staff. Let's ignore that though and move onto the actual meaning of his comments. How many of the US Senators are minority? FYI: I'm not including women as a minority. They're half the species after all. If you look at racial minorities there are three Democrats and one Republican. The funny thing about two of those Democrats though is that they're from Hawaii. In that state, they are the majority, not the minority. So in all actuality the two parties are dead even when it comes to having minorities in the US Sentate. Man, I'm glad to know the Dem's are the inclusive party. Are they planning on showing it anytime soon?

UPDATE: Guess not.


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