Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Social Insecurity

Explanations are warranted from all those who oppose the idea of fixing SSI. Only an idiot would deny the fact that Social Security is in trouble and will be even moreso in a few years due to the large group of people getting ready to start drawing on their SSI benefits. So why is it that people are so vehemently against the idea of working on fixing it? I don't agree with some of the parts of Bush's plan to fix it but at least he's offering ideas. What has anyone else brought to the table? Variations on a theme: It ain't broke yet so why fix it now?

My generation is increasingly of the opinion that Social Security will NOT exist by the time I can draw on it. That doesn't bother me that much because as far as I'm concerned it is not the governments job to take care of me. Give me back my paycheck and I'll take care of myself thank you very much. I don't like the idea of paying into a system that I'll never get anything out of anyway. People are protecting Social Security like it's a sacred object handed down from on high. Newsflash: Social Security is failing and will continue to do so until overhauled. God is not pleased. There was wailing and gnashing of teeth. Can we please get past the idea that Our Father who art in Washington needs to care for us?

Here's my basic beef: the politicians who are crying out the loudest are not offering any viable options to the contrary. They just feel that they'll lose votes if they don't oppose changing SSI. Note to politicians: your job is to take care of the country, not your job. If you lose votes for doing the right thing, that's a comment on your constituents, not you. Vote honestly and correctly and in the end you'll get a better standing for it. How many Gen X/Gen Y people don't vote now because we feel completely disenfranchised? How hard would it be to get us to vote? Not very. Just show us that you're looking to the future of the country and making sure when we are in your position that we don't inherit a Gordian knot of mythic proportions.


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