Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Just wrong

Yet another example of the level of callousness we have reached in this country is some networks treatments of the pummelling of the South by Katrina.

I was watching the NFL Network the other night and heard something I literally didn't believe I'd heard. I turned and asked the roomies if I was imagining it or not. We all heard it and were all just speechless. The anchor was talking about the damage to the Superdome where people were sheltering from the storm. He spoke about parts of the roof being torn off and flooding on the lower levels. Now, most people would be asking where the refugees within the dome would be evacuating to or if they'd just try and stick it out. Instead, this individual asked if the damage to the Superdome would delay the Saints home opening game next month. I'll repeat that in case it didn't sink in. This anchor completely ignored the people who were currently homeless and living in the dome and asked about a FOOTBALL GAME!!!

Now, I realize that this anchor was on the NFL Network which is a football oriented channel(shock and surprise) but when you're dealing with a natural disaster that has essentially wiped out an entire city is it really appropriate to ask about whether or not a football team can play a game? Have we really reached the point where we are so desensitized to the people around us that we're more concerned about a game?

Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge football fan. I watch as much as I can when it's football season, but I realize there are things more important than the game. If there's a wreck outside my house I'm gonna go help the people out. The game isn't important at that point.

Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I'm being too hard on the guy. He does work for the NFL Network after all. I just think that the degree of detachment he displayed by asking that question is disturbing.


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