Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Let this be an example to you

Okay, I know I said I was gonna take on the Republicans yesterday but due to circumstances beyond my control, that didn't happen. It's not going to happen today either as something that I feel is more important has cropped up. I will get to those elephants though, don't worry about that.

Today though we've been starting to see some of the results that come from giving in to terrorist acts. Israel has begun their pullout from Gaza. This has been the purported goal for Hamas, Hezbollah, the PLO, and just about every anti-Israel group out there...well, one of their goals anyway but killing all Jews just isn't on this weeks agenda. Anyway, what's the first thing to happen when the pullouts begin? Do these groups say, "Thanks, that's all we wanted." Nope. In fact, they're already making noise about how this pullback is just Israel's way of making borders "without negotiation."

Considering that these groups are now saying "First Gaza and we won't stop till Jerusalem" I'm interested in what 'borders' these people would want and why they think Israel needs to negotiate. Did the Arab nations try to negotiate borders after the British withdrawal in '48? Did they try to negotiate before staging a multi-national attack in '56? No and no. Get this through your skulls people, Israel is there and is not going anywhere. For that matter, you got what you wanted so shut the hell up and sit down.

What will truly be interesting is how those who cry about Israel's 'atrocities' and 'illegal occupation' will say now that they got what the wanted but the Palestinians still want more. Will they say to the Palestinians, "You got what you wanted you need to stop and leave Israel alone" or will they find some new way to justify demanding Israel give up more land and security? This is what's called a suckers bet.

To those who feel that Israel has been the bully in this situation I have a question for you. When is enough? How far out into the sea do you need to push Israel before you can say they've given up enough? They are surrounded by countries that would love nothing more than to see them dead. They are vastly outnumbered by their enemies in that region. They have suffered through decades of suicide bombings and vicious, unprovoked attacks on their country. What would you have them do?

They have, in my mind, actually responded with amazing restraint. How long do you think it would take the Israeli military to level every Palestinian dwelling in Gaza or the West Bank? I give it 2 to 3 weeks and that's if they took their time. How many of your family members or neighbors would you be willing to watch die before you decided to take the battle to the enemy attacking you? If you are of the Jane Fonda/Michael Moore school of thought you don't need to answer, you would've been destroyed in the first "illegal" or "unprovoked" or "reckless" or "(insert word used to describe Israel in the media here)" attack on Israel back in '47.

Wake up people. Giving the terrorists what they demand only gives them reason to ask for more. This war with terror isn't about Afghanistan or Iraq. It's been ongoing for decades. The Palestinians response to getting what they wanted is indicative of all terrorist reaction; "You gave in on this, now give us more."


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