Thursday, July 28, 2005

IRA no more?

This is encouraging. If the IRA actually follows through on this(Good Friday accord anyone?) then this is a great chance for Ireland to become one country again, and a peaceful one at that. As one of Irish lineage, I do have a selfish interest in seeing a true peace in Ireland, as opposed to an uneasy cease-fire.

The primary reason this is so encouraging is that it reinforces what a lot of people have been saying about the Muslim communities response to terrorism. Over the years, the Irish support for the IRA has turned into the opposite. The public pressure to move away from violence finally became too much of a stigma for the IRA to operate under. This same series of events can happen in regards to the Islamic terrorists as well. When the global Islamic population begins actively opposing the violence being perpetrated in their religions name, the terrorists will run out of options and will eventually disappear. For more of my thinking on this, see the most recent post.

In the meantime, go mbeannaí Dia thú Éire.


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