Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Who's afraid of Karl Rove?

To start with we're going to look at, you guessed it, the Karl Rove issue. Is he evil? Did he out Plame to revenge the administration on Wilson or was Rove just upset cuz he's nicknamed Turd Blossom? Maybe both.

My problem with this whole mess is that nobody has answered any of the questions that mean anything. The moment Rove's name got mentioned one half of the population went into convulsions demanding Rove's apology and head on a platter...and not necessarily in that order. Why? If you want someone fired shouldn't you make sure that what you're so upset about is actually true though? There's enough questions surrounding who actually revealed the information on Plame that, to borrow from the left here, hasty action won't accomplish as much as sitting back and making sure we get it right. Kerfluffles raises an interesing point on this.

There are some others out there, but as they tend to be on Powerline or NRO, too many people refuse to even read them since those sites are just "right-wing propaganda machines." Funny, I still read the NYT with an open mind but I guess the same in return is too much to ask from some people. Another intersting double standard that I don't see anybody pointing out is that the press constantly refers to the people having a right to know. Well, as this is involves a very highly placed governmnet official, I have a right to know who Miller's source is so how come the press isn't calling for her to reveal the source since we obviously have a right to know? To paraphrase a cartoon legend, "Hypocritical, ain't it?"


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