Monday, July 11, 2005


Recovering from typical post-vacation doldrums. This is how out of touch I was on vacation. I didn't find out about London till Sunday. I also found out that there's no end of people willing to take this tragedy and turn it for political ends.

Lefties are saying its a conspiracy by Blair/Bush to elicit support for the war and are also accusing the right wing of trying to capitalize on the attack. Right-wingers are saying this is more proof that we need to work harder to fight terrorism before it gets to US shores while pointing fingers right back at the left for taking advantage of the situation.

I see this as progress actually. Both sides are in agreement that the bombing is being used for political gain. We have found common ground. Not very useful common ground but as polarized as this country has become, I'll take what I can get.

Here's what I get from the bombing and subsequent reactions: Nothing has changed. Politicians still twist facts to fit their platforms. Citizens still discard facts that don't agree with their views. Logic and common sense are no longer applicable in this day and age.

Dozens of people killed and hundreds injured and all we can do is spit invective back and forth like children squabbling over a favorite toy. Grow up people. Realize that the world is not how you see it. Realize that there are other views out there that may have validity. Realize that in order to get through this mess we are going to have to WORK TOGETHER!!! Enough with the fighting and backstabbing and bitching. Let's get back to making this country work instead of work against itself.


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