Monday, June 27, 2005


I got to see Batman Begins this weekend. Was it the best Batman ever? Depends on what you're looking for. There's something to be said for the campy original Batman movies where everything was Bat-labeled. I also thought the first Tim Burton Batman was a great movie and made the Dark Knight truly Dark. That being said, I think this new Batman is far and away the best. Christian Bale has always been on my list of top actors and he didn't disappoint in this role either. Morgan Freeman and Rutger Hauer did great jobs with the limited roles they had. Michael Caine has never failed to deliver a great performance and Gary Oldman played a young Gordon very well. Katie Holmes was lacking, but she didn't get cast for your acting ability. Probably the best of the bunch, though, was Cillian Murphy. He did a great job with, IMHO, what is one of the best villians Batman ever had to face: Scarecrow. Bottom line, go see this movie. And I mean in the theatre. stop downloading the DVD screener and actually go see it. I mean it. Put the mouse down and slowly step away.


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