Friday, June 24, 2005

So why are you paying that mortgage?

Especially if some local yahoo with a cousin in business wants the land its on? Thanks to the Supreme Court pretty much ruling that private property no longer exists then there's no point in paying for a home or land anymore. Just tell the bank that you are taking it for the public good and refer them to the Kelo decision by the Supreme Court. What on earth were they thinking??? When did the right to own property become an outdated idea? How is it okay for local government to remove you from your home, not for roads, schools, or public works, but for somebody to build a strip mall??? Where do these judges live again, cuz I'm thinkin that I want to take their land and build a strip club, a McDonalds, and a gun store. That will increase tax revunue on all three businesses. It'll increase health insurance premiums from all the people getting fat at McD's so the corporations make more money. And finally the gun store will decrease crime(an armed populace is a polite populace) so it's all for the Public good.


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