Monday, July 18, 2005

I am officially angry.

Anarchangel's life has been threatened. What did he do that was incentive enough for someone to intimate that they would kill him? Assault? Rape? Child molestation? No, no, and no. He defaced property THAT HE OWNED!!! He did nothing that affected anyone but himself. However, since the property in question was a Koran a fatwah has been issued and has been taken seriously enough that FBI showed up at his house to make sure he knew about the danger he was in. For those saying, "Well, you should've known they'd react that way" or "You were just trying to piss them off and now you've got what you deserved" you really should think before you speak. Just a suggestion mind you.

Here's the situation as I see it. Anarchangel exercised his rights as an American to do as he would with his property. End of story. Or should have been. If these people are so intent on protecting a BOOK from desecration I'm curious as to why the rioters in Afghanistan aren't being killed. After all, they burned down a library with copies of the Koran in it. How is that okay but this isn't?

Here is where the fundamental principle behind the terrorist mentality raises it's ugly head. They are incapable of accepting anything that would possible prick their pride. It has nothing to do with religion or faith. It has everything to do with the fact that they feel PERSONALLY insulted and cannot abide that kind of affront. This is a problem for the terrorist apologist cuz they don't want to attribute such base motives to the 'noble freedom fighters' and 'insurgents' that are fighting the Evil Empire that is America.

Until those who would blame terrorism on the victims realize that this is a fight that cannot be won by compromise we are in trouble. The people we are fighting would only become more encouraged and more proud if we appear to give into them. I am not a person who is big on appearances. Substance over style nearly every time. In a situation like this though, perception is everything. If we are perceived as weak and willing to give in to their demands under minor pressure then they have won and will continue to press us. Anarchangel chose to draw a line and no longer allow his rights to be dictated by the tyranny of terrorism. Whether or not we agree with his actions has nothing to do with it. We can no longer afford to make our choices based on our concern with what a truly evil minority think.

It's time to realize that rights are meaningless if we allow ourselves to not exercise them for fear of offending. At that point we have sacrificed our nations history and principles on the altar of sensitivity and expediency and neither one of those are worthy of that kind of sacrifice.


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