Thursday, July 14, 2005

NEA: Nashunal Edjewkashun Asoseeashun

Welcome to the modern United States of America ladies and gentlemen. To your right you'll see religious activism. To your left you'll find people who don't care about teaching "the children" to learn to spell activism. There's been a lot of noise lately here in Kansas about school funding and making sure "the children" get an education. It's too late and doesn't matter how much money you throw at it cuz the NEA has decided it has more important things to do than educate "the children" of the US.

Here's the agenda that the NEA approved at their recent annual meeting. Of the first 20 items on the list 5 are about social security. How many are about education? Well, if you go all the way to 30 you'll get two whole points about education. When did the NEA cease to mean National Education Association and change to No Educated Americans? Some of the items that were higher on the list than their actual job were making sure that the words "other" and "multi-ethnic" get added as categories on all forms. My personal favorite though is the NEA president ordering an article on the dangers of "exposure to fragrance chemicals." NEA now stands for No Estee Allowed.

Further down the list they mention "political training" for politicians. We can teach politicians how to do their job but we can't be bothered to teach kids. That is so last century. Here's an example of the kind of political training they want though. "Opposing the Deceptive Michigan Civil Rights Initiative." Wanna know what that evil initiative does? IT SAYS NO MORE DIFFERENT TREATMENT BASED ON RACE, SEX, OR NATIONAL ORIGIN!!!! What the hell is there to fight with about that? The whole point of the proposal is to get rid of any kind of racism. Hate to break it to ya folks, but affirmative action is racist. If you are using someone's skin color as a factor in a decision, that is racist. Whether positive or negative it's still racism.

Social Security was a big beef with the NEA. There was more about SSI and pension plans on this agenda then there was about educating American youth. They did mention schooling Iraqi children though, and let's face it, the NEA has done such a bang-up job here at home that we should export them to other countries. No more worries about losing to other countries in math or science scores cuz they'll all be just a dumb as we are. NEA: Nincompoop Earth Association. They are also changing their slogan to "Wurld Peas thru meedeeah....meediahc...thru stupidity" To quote a beloved cartoon hero, "Th-th-th-that's all folks."


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