Monday, July 25, 2005


Warning in advance, this will probably be a long post and it will jump around. So much has been going on lately and I want to hit a bunch of it. For the record, I am going to be negative towards certain people in this post, which seems like a contradiction of an earlier post of mine, but really isn't. I'm not personally calling names or attacking people. I'm attacking their actions as tasteless, rude, and in all three cases, just wrong. Except Phelps. I am attacking him.

First of all, to whatever lowlife scumbags felt the need to start a fire under the car of the recently widowed wife of a soldier, you'd better pray to whatever gods you believe in that your identities never get discovered. For those who read that as a threat, it's not. It doesn't have to be. What'll happen if these perps are ever found out is pretty straightforward. They'll be arrested. They'll be thrown in jail. They'll come before a judge and they'll be thrown back in jail for a much longer timeframe. Considering the cowardly nature of the act(stealing flags and lighting them under a car at 5:30 AM when everyone's asleep and can't see you) I kinda doubt these losers have the necessary backbone to be anything other than Bubba's bitch in jail. No 10 AM checkout here fellas. You're here for the duration.

Second loser of the day is actually a politician. Lt. Gov Catherine Knoll of PA crashed, wasn't invited to but crashed, the funeral of an American soldier. It's one thing to show up to pay your respects, and I could've lived with that. The problem comes in when you're a politician and you start handing out cards and saying that, "Your government is against this war." When did the FUNERAL of soldiers become a stumping ground? When did it become advertising? "This funeral paid for by Citizens for Kathleen Knoll. I'm Kathleen Knoll and I approve this funeral."

Since we're on a funeral roll, we'll go with a local loser for this one. Fred Phelps gained national infamy with the picketing of Matthew Shepard's funeral. Well, thanks to people paying attention to him, he's reusing that tactic. Fred and his crew are picketing the funeral of every single American soldier that they can get to. Are they against the war in Iraq? Are they against the military? Nope. They feel that the deaths are God's punishment on America cuz someone tried to bomb their church six years ago. That's right, the war in Iraq, 9/11, the tsunami were all God's revenge on us because someone went after Fred. Basically, Fred thinks God is his personal bodyguard. It's funny, cuz if I had God as a bodyguard, you'd think I'd have a bigger following than he does. Even in his hometown of Topeka people can't stand him. The only reason he hasn't been shot yet is because most people understand that martyrdom is really all he has left to look forward to.

Okay, on to more political stuff as opposed to simple losers. There's been a lot of turmoil on the left about what to do about the Roberts nominations. Some want to just push him through and get back to Rove. Some want to make sure that Robert's only gets in if he approves abortion. Some don't want to see any Bush nominee make it. All three of these positions are inane.

Don't get me wrong, the Plame leak(if there was one) is important and does need to be sorted out. But it's not as important as a Supreme Court LIFETIME appointment. The people who want to get back to Rove ASAP are the worst kind of people. They don't care about the country. They just care about anything that hurts the administration. That's not a political platform. That's spite.

For those wanting Robert's approved only if he backs abortion I have one question. When did the Supreme Court of the United States become The Abortion Court of the United States? There are more issues to deal with than just abortion. Wanting to turn down a nominee because of his views on one issues is asinine. Using Roe vs Wade as THE benchmark for a nominee is about as ridiculous as saying all Muslims are terrorists. Neither is a good way to handle things.

The group that just wants to block any Bush nominee are almost as bad as the first group. Again, they're not worried about the country or what's actually good for it. They just want to hurt the administration and if that means they have to block some potentially good judges, then so be it. They just don't care. These are the people who rejoice to see the bombings and body counts increase cuz they think it makes Bush look bad. What they don't understand is that by taking a perverse joy in the pain, suffering, and death of others they are simply making themselves look like trolls.

So what should be the approach to a SCOTUS nomination? What should people want to know about a judge? Actually, it's very simply. Does the judge support the Constituion as written or do they view it as a 'living' document that needs reinterpreted through the years? That's it. All other issues with the legality of something stem from that question. If they are an originialist or a revisionist. We'll discuss the two in a different post as the bell is about to ring. That's it for today class. See you tomorrow.


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