Monday, August 15, 2005

When will we ever learn?

This really doesn't surprise me at all. It's just another example of a regime using the negotiating table to buy some time. North Korea anyone? Will the politicians ever begin to learn from their mistakes? Somehow I doubt it.

Granted, this recent incarnation of political idiocy was the EU's baby but the problem is the same on our side of the pond. Politicians have become more obsessed with defeating their political rivals than with dealing with the enemies of their respective countries. George Galloway is a perfect example of this, as is Howard Dean. Both of these 'gentlemen' resort to personal attacks against their political opponents but rarely say anything that actually deals with true issues. Until the politicians become more interested in their country instead of themselves we'll have problems like this.

We currently have several nuclear nations in the world and, so far, the US is the only one to use them in anything other than testing. The reason that DPRK and Iran are so worrisome though is because they are both countries with no reservations about selling their weapons on the open market. Iran is already supporting the terrorists in Iraq with shaped charges and high yield explosives. What makes people think that they wouldn't be willing to give the terrorists nukes and then point the finger at the US? Or for DPRK to sell nukes to Hamas or Hezbollah to use against the US or Israel? Far-fetched? Maybe, but still more than possible enough that we should be concerned especially when a country enters into good faith negotiations with no intention of accomplishing any form of compromise.

The most troublesome thing on the domestic front is how the left is looking more and more like the EU in regards to negotiations and giving people a second chance...and a third and fourth ad infinitum. It shouldn't be surprising considering their approach to various social issues(throw money at it) or education(more government oversight) or crime(disarm citizens). None of their approaches have ever been proven to work. Quite the opposite in fact. The ares in the US with unarmed populations have higher murder and robbery rates. The education programs with the most government intrusion are the worst when it comes to graduating kids and the social programs that they keep throwing money at are getting more and more in debt. If they're willing to ignore the history for their own choices at home, why would they act any differently when dealing with foreign powers? As this most recent flap with Iran shows they didn't.

So why is it typically one side of the political spectrum that errs over and over in this same way? Pretty much it's how they view people at a fundamental level. If you look at the Dem's in the US you'll see a constant pattern of politicians believing the people are good at their basic level. That given the opportunity we will all make good. Silly things like facts and history don't interest them because they 'know' that they're right and these people are really not bad. Sound familiar? It should. There's another group that says the same kind of thing: abused spouses. Regardless of how much evidence is given they will still defend the person abusing them because "they really don't want to be that way. They really want to stop and be good."

I know that I'm gonna get blasted for equating people on the left to victims of abuse but the same pattern hold true across their policies for the last 4 decades. Until they realize that the world is not the happy place they want it to be and deal with reality as it is they will not break out of their cycle. The sad thing about their mentality is that it's a self-perpetuating delusion. If anything bad happens to the US then it was cuz the other guy was provoked by the right. If anything good happens then it just reinforces their view of humanity. Who needs truth when you can manufacture your reality?

For the Repub's cheering me on right now, make sure you come back tomorrow when I deal with your party. We'll see if you change your tune.


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