Thursday, August 18, 2005


Well, better late than never. I used the lefties as my whipping boys the other day and now it's on the right-wingers.

People used to believe in the Republican party as the small government, lower taxes, lower interference party. Well, thanks to this administration those feelings have fled the vast majority of citizens. The Republican party has only manged to prove one thing while they ran things: that they were no different than the Dems. You have instituted the creation, not expansion but brand spankin new creation, of a so-called Homeland Security Dept which constitutes the biggest addition to government bureaucracy in decades. You have lower taxes but not cut spending so that our deficit is getting worse. I know the CBO projected a lowering of the deficit, but that was also short term. They project a sky-rocketing deficit down the road.

My biggest issue with the right side of the political sphere right now is not the beginning of Homeland Security or the fiscal mismanagement. Those are both areas where they had help from the Dem's but can still be corrected if we ever got some responsible politicians. My major issue with the right wingers right now is your inability to understand that I may actually be capable of making my own decisions. You are making the exact same mistake that people like Hillary Clinton make. You think that you can tell us what to do because it's for our own good. Guess what? I am fully capable of choosing what is and isn't for my own good. I don't need you to tell me what guns I can buy, what video games I can play, or what movies I watch. If I do something stupid and get hurt then it's my fault. Not yours. You can keep your hands and your principles out of my life. Thanks, but no thanks. For a party that professes to believe in liberty and personal determination you are making yourselves out to be liars.

The elephants are also just as guilty of partisan attacks as the donkey's are. They have no problem engaging in personal attacks for political gain. This obsession with eradicating the political opposition has become the hallmark of modern politics and it's doing no good for anyone.

Bottom line, both parties are nearly identical. The differences are superficial at best and currently, both are bad choices for anyone who believes in the ideals of personal responsibility and the liberty that goes with it.


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