Monday, July 11, 2011

Why I'll never use VisionBank in Topeka

Some of you know that I work at a local cigar shop part time. It helps pay the bills and I get to smoke at work. It doesn't really get any better than that. Every now and then however the store employees have to deal with someone who seems to think the world revolves around them. Tonight was once such night.

Gary Yager works for a place called VisionBank. It's also a local business. The issue this evening stemmed from Mr. Yager's idea that he is somehow special and that rules and hours of business don't apply to him. The store I work at closes at 8:30 PM on weeknights. This is nothing new. It's been 8:30 for years. Mr. Yager comes to the door almost 10 minutes after closing, after the register has been closed out and the credit card batches tallied. When I explain to him that we're closed and the deposits have been completed and that there is no way to do a transaction at this point he makes it clear, in very graphic language just what he thinks of that idea. One quote is, "You tell the owner that I'm never buying a fucking cigar here again if you don't let me in right now. This is fucking bullshit." Sounds like a well-adjusted, community-minded guy, doesn't it? And when I ask for his name he hands me his business card then proceeds to hit me with the door while continuing his tirade.

Needless to say I notified the owner of the situation as soon as I was able to get the front door locked again. But Mr. Yager's actions speak to an issue that is about as offensive as it's possible to be. The idea that he's better than someone else and can browbeat them to do what he wants. Like because he's well-off and works for a bank that somehow he's entitled to treat a guy who works two jobs to make ends meet like a punching bag. Whats even more annoying is the fact that this guy works for a bank. What would Mr. Yager do if one of his tellers let someone in after hours to do one last transaction? Promote them? doubtful. Make them employee of the month? Not bloody likely. What he'd do is fire them immediately. Yet somehow he's supposed to be treated differently than the peasants such as myself. Here's a clue for the Mr. Yagers of the world: You are not special. You are not entitled to be treated any differently than anyone else. You are not better than me just as I am not better than you. If you act like an ass to someone who is simply doing their job then don't be surprised when you're treated the same way.

Oh, and Mr. Yager, if you somehow come across this and think about getting an attorney involved keep in mind that the store has HD security cameras so your actions and your words were caught in all their technicolor glory. I'd love to see you explain to a judge or jury how me not opening the store up after hours justified the verbal and physical abuse you decided was needed. Also, I will be passing this little episode on to everyone I deal with while advising them that perhaps a bank that employs someone as prone to violent outbursts as you appear to be might not be the best place to keep their accounts. While I doubt it'll drastically effect your bottom line quickly, keep in mind the number of people that come through the cigar store and how many of them are quite wealthy and don't like bullies any more than I do.


At 10:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have worked with Yager on many occasions. He is a real piece of work. Very self centered and I think he has little man's disease too.

He is a little fish in the world.


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