Thursday, October 16, 2008

Yup, still a racist.

I say that because, according to John "Never Met A Marine I Couldn't Smear" Murtha, since I'm not voting for Obama I must be racist. It's amazing to me the level of stupidity that's shown up this campaign season. Obama was supposed to be the "post-racial" candidate. The one to help us move beyond seeing skin color and instead be able to see ability. Nice dream anyway.

So, tell me. Which candidate invoked race every time he turned around? Which candidate said, "oh, by the way, did I mention he's black?" Which candidate said, "I know I don't look like the other presidents on the dollar bills." Hmmm? Give up? Here's a clue: he's black. That shouldn't be a big surprise because he already told us all this. Over, and over, and over. If you want to play the race game that's your call but don't sit here and tell me you're above that and then play the same race-baiting bullshit that Jesse Jackson and Louis Farrakhan have been doing for years. Of course, we shouldn't really have expected any different. After all, Obama was mentored at the knee of Rev. Jeremiah "God Damn America" Wright.

It's really startin to piss me off how much garbage is being spewed about race in this campaign. I really don't give a damn what color your skin is. Can you do the job? Yes? Then I'll consider you for the job. Period. End of story. Does racism still exist? Of course it does. Will it be the reason Obama loses? No. Because the reason Obama will end up losing is too many people in America don't agree with his politics and policies. They don't agree with socialism. They don't agree with Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dohrne, and Jeremiah Wright. They don't agree with Michelle Obama that this country is just now worthy of pride. And, like me, they don't agree with the implication that if they don't vote for Obama that they're racist.

That all being said I'm not a big fan of McCain. I disagree with him on far too many issues for me to be able to vote for him. Like the last few elections I'm voting for the lesser of two evils. I guess it's too much to ask for a candidate that I can actually support as opposed to simply holding my nose and punching the ticket.

On a related topic, can we please get some honest politicians in office somewhere? Of all the institutions in this country the right to vote should be the most sacred regardless of party. However, Ohio Sec. of State disagrees. Almost 200,000 potentially fraudulent voter registration entries? Not to mention the story that Michelle Malkin put out the other day about voters from outside Ohio all using the same address in Ohio to register to vote and getting absentee ballots even though they have nothing to do with Ohio. Throw in the ACORN issues in ten states, including them registering more voters in one state than actually live there, and you've got a huge mess that is being pretty much ignored by the media because the people involved in the fraud are supporting Obama.

You have a sheriff getting in trouble for supporting McCain while on the job but LEO's and DA's in Missouri flat out state they will use their position and power to stifle any negative comments about Obama and nothing...NOTHING is done about it. Welcome to America my friends. Free speech is allowed only when you agree with the media and it's socialist masters. Perhaps it is time to go John Galt. Or maybe Paul Revere or Thomas Jefferson.

Make no mistake, this country is in the middle of a cold civil war. Obama wins and it will no longer be a war. It will be a massacre. His supporters have already shown their willingness to resort to violence to shut up anyone who dares say anything negative about him. What makes you think that will change if he wins? The only thing that will change is that those who feel that success should be shared with those who haven't earned it will be in control. Those who feel that the people who bust their tails to make it big shouldn't be able to keep the rewards their work brought them. Those rewards should be doled out to others because, as Obama puts it, "when you spread the wealth around it's good for everyone." My response? FUCK THAT SHIT!!

This is an open comment to all who feel that the sweat of my brow is reward enough in itself. I refuse to bow to you. I refuse to allow you to play Legislative Robin Hood because some people can't cut it. I have failed. I have been without a job. I have been, and currently am, without health insurance. Guess what? Nobody owes me a damn thing. The government doesn't owe me a handout. The rich don't owe me a portion of their wealth. I failed. And I'm getting back up by myself. So fuck you and get your hand out of my wallet you greedy little bastards.

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