Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Life imitates art?

Recently one of the movie channels that specializes in "classic" movies did an almost constant run of that fantastic film, "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest." While watching it I was struck with an awesome realization. This movie is the perfect, and I mean PERFECT, analogy for modern politics.

First, you have Nurse Ratched. She thinks she knows what's best for the patients. She's so confident in this knowledge that she'll use any means at her disposal to get her wards to do as she wants. Guilt trips, manipulation, or even brute force; it doesn't matter to her because, after all, it's for their own good. So, as should be obvious to any rational being, Nurse Ratched is the representative of the Democrats in this particular film.

Second, there's the star of the film, Randle Patrick McMurphy. He's a firm believer in the most return for the least effort. He wants the patients to think for themselves and not simply do what they're told so he's also a big proponent of individuality and self-expression. And, when it comes down to it, he's not afraid to go to bat for his people regardless of the consequences. Obviously Murph is the Republican stand-in for this flick.

Finally, for those third party people who just got off the short bus I haven't forgotten about you. There's even a guy in this movie to proudly represent you all. There's a scene where Murph is trying to get some of the patients to play a basketball game against the guards. One of the patients, brilliantly played by Danny DeVito, just stands on the court getting in people's way or throwing the ball against the fence cuz he really doesn't know what he's doing. Sounds like a pretty good explanation for the effect the third party candidates have anymore.

So, from here on out, every time you see or hear Hillary just remember that she's really Nurse Ratched's intellectual progeny and you'll be far better equipped to ignore the pointless drivel she spouts.


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