Friday, October 17, 2008

Welcome to Hope and Change....

Okay you obama supporters, if you need any more proof that you're on the wrong side of the battle here then there's somethin wrong with ya. Explain to me how it's okay for a private citizen to ask The Anointed One a question and then have his private life plastered all over the world for it? To the point that they are posting Joe's personal info all over the place, including information regarding his tax status and medical bills he owes. Not only that they've posted his ex-wife's info as well. Hell, Obama's campaign treasurer has tax liens on him and his companies but you don't hear any of that in the media. And given Obama's take on health care reform Joe should be a perfect poster boy for what Obama wants to do given his past due medical bills. So why shred him? Why get personal? Cuz throwing tantrums and calling people names is the extent of their debate skills. They can't deal with criticism or rational thought.

They go off on him not having a plumber's license(in Ohio you don't have to have one as an apprentice as long as your boss does) and then they go after his boss's license as well. What the fuck man? So if I ask Obama a question his supporters get to put all my personal info out there and tear my life apart lookin for dirt? Fuck that shit.

This should piss everybody off but far too many people are sitting in their basements rubbing their hands together in glee that the person who had the audacity to question Obama is getting "what he deserves." Obama went into his neighborhood. Obama was walkin around. this wasn't a setup. this wasn't a trap. this was a voter asking a politician a question and getting dragged through the mud for having the gall to ask it. This is the kind of president you want? These are the kind of people you want to associate with? Then fuck you too.

When your candidate is so weak that he has to have you worms crawling out of the woodwork to tear down anyone who dares question him then he's not good for this country. He's not going to be able to be the leader of the greatest country in the world. When you have to attack people instead of dealing with their arguments you're not ready for any kind of responsibility either.

Going after Joe is probably the most despicable thing any of you have done this campaign and that's sayin somethin. Molotov cocktails and hacking e-mail are really just the tip of the iceberg here. Don't believe me? Go look it up. Try thinking for yourself for once.

BTW, I know his first name is Samuel. So what? I go by my middle name too. The talking head goin after Joe this mornin on Fox apparently only considers first names real names cuz he kept sayin, "Joe isn't even his real name." Guess I've been lyin to people all these years then, including the DMV and the tax man cuz I use my middle name on EVERYTHING.

Bottom line, personally attacking someone just for asking a question is wrong. period. end of story. Be careful what kind of precedents you set people. Because I promise you that this is one chicken you won't want comin home to roost. Welcome to Hope and Change aka Recess on the Playground. Can't wait to see who gets picked last for kickball.


At 12:33 PM, Anonymous Lynne Angil said...

It's 2012 now why have you stopped posting =(


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