Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Sad Day

Well, I decided to remove Dadahead from my sidebar and won't be visiting his site anymore. I was actually torn about this because I did genuinely enjoy some of the discussions that went on at his blog but after Dada wouldn't hold Gilliard accountable for his most recent offense.

I'm not going to get into what Gilliard did because it's already been covered. I'm going to touch on what Dada did because I don't think, other than here, that it's been discussed. Dada tries to make the point that it's not his place to tell "black people which symbols of racism they are allowed to appropriate." Dada tends to be very vocal when the Neo-Nazis are in town but when it's a minority being racist that's okay? How does that work exactly? How black do you have to be in order for being a racist to be okay? What's the percentage? Does it apply to any other minority? I've got Blackfoot blood in me so can I be a racist too? That kind of "it's okay for them cuz they're black" attitude is to much BULLSHIT!!! Sorry, I'm just really pissed off at this stupidity.

Racism is something I have a particular disgust for. I grew up in bad parts of town. My family was the only white family for blocks. I've lived with minorities my whole life. There is NOTHING different about blacks, hispanics, asians, or whites other than skin color. The melanin content of epithelial skin cells is MEANINGLESS!!! If it's wrong for someone like David Duke to spout his garbage then it's just as wrong for someone like Steve Gilliard to act the same way. The fact that Dadahead is willing to allow Gilliard to be blatantly racist simply because he is black is not only wrong, but unforgivable coming from someone who claims to have issues with racism.

Dadahead has previously made comments that race shouldn't matter but that people like Neo-Nazis have made it an issue. What Dadahead refuses to admit is that anyone who uses skin color as a justification, a crutch, or an excuse for inflammatory actions is a racist. A black man can be just as much of a racist as a white man. If racism is truly to become a thing of the past we have to condemn racist acts regardless of the color of the perpetrator. Being black is not a "Get out of Jail Free" card when it comes to being a racist. You have no business denouncing racism as evil if you are unwilling to stand up against in all it's forms.

What Gilliard did was racism. What Gilliard did was wrong. Plain and simple. If you need more proof that Gilliard is, in fact, a racist read his response to the outcry against his post. He claims the only people angry at the post were "white racists with mock concern who wanted to lecture me on race, which I could give a fuck about. In their world, black Democrats are on the plantation..." So Gilliard refuses to acknowledge the idea that what he did was a racist act and claims that anyone who calls him on it must be a racist. Why does he feel he can do this? Because he's black. In the comments someone points out that the original pic Gilliard posted was potentially offensive and Gilliard responds, "Just explain that I'm a black person..." Gilliard complains about blacks in the Republican party harming the black community. I've got news for ya Gilliard. Your blatant racism does far more to harm the black community than anyone voting Republican ever did.

Sorry Dadahead, I know this probably doesn't matter to you cuz you'll get traffic without me listing you, but I've gotta cut you out of the list. I will NOT frequent or link to someone who supports racism and that's EXACTLY what you're doing by not holding Gilliard accountable. It doesn't matter that he's black. Or, it shouldn't matter that he's black, but you allow that to influence your decision. By seeing Gilliard's skin color instead of his actions you are no different than the Neo-Nazis you profess to hate so much. At least they're honest with themselves. Hopefully one day you'll be able to be as honest with yourself and realize that what Gilliard did was wrong and you need to speak out against it.


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