Monday, October 10, 2005

Serenity: Part Two

Well, I said I would revisit this topic after the movie had been out a bit so here I am.

I did enjoy this movie but I am very, VERY upset with Whedon right now. Far and away the most interesting character in the Firefly series was Shepherd Book. A minister of a peaceful religion who knows about firearms, the wounds the make, and somehow carries enough clout to get immediate medical treatment when Serenity was captured by an Alliance cruiser. What is his story? Where did he come from? Who is he? We'll never know now because Whedon KILLED HIM!!!! What in the world was he thinking? And then to kill of Wash as well? Why didn't you just blow up the gorram ship with all aboard and make a clean sweep of it.

My frustration over those deaths aside it was, all in all, a fantastic movie and I would like to see them do a sequel that maybe has some flashbacks to better explore Book and why he and Inara weren't onboard at the beginning of the movie. Are you listening to me Whedon? That's a Las Vegas sized, neon-lit HINT!!! Listen to the Mindwyrm for he is wise.


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