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There's a meme that's been running around lately about points of belief and then I was listening to NPR and they ran a segment called "I Believe..." so I will take that as a sign from an unspecified deity or deities who may or may not exist and may or may not resemble this.

I believe that you, and you alone, are responsible for choices you make. Not your parents, not your friends, not society, not the government, not people who died hundreds of years ago.

I believe that you are guaranteed certain rights according to the Bill of Rights and Constitution but one of those rights is NOT the right to not be offended. You also do NOT have the right to force your beliefs on me and mine. If you don't like what I believe that's fine but don't try to make me put my beliefs aside just because you can't handle anyone believing anything other than what you do.

I believe that you are responsible to care for yourself and your family. If you are not in a position to do so then work harder to get yourself there. Do NOT expect the government, and by extension me, to bail you out.

I believe that the government is NOT to be a social conscience. Programs like welfare and Medicare are nothing more than forced charity and I, for one, am tired of being told that I HAVE to contribute for programs that I do NOT agree with.

I believe that politicians have lost sight of the fact that their jobs were to be public service, not service to their own pocketbooks.

I believe that what I own is mine. It is NOT on loan from the government to take back anytime they wish.

I believe that the right to bear arms has no limitations. If you can afford it then you can buy it and carry it. I believe that any laws restricting the purchase or carrying of weapons is unconstitutional.

I believe that the facts tell the story in regards to the complete and utter ineffectiveness of gun control laws when it comes to curtailing crime.

I believe that those who view the government as the Great Caretaker are either too lazy to care for themselves or feel that we are incapable of making our own choices so the government has to step in for our own good. I believe that is the MOST insulting attitude to see in a politician anywhere.

I believe that the extremists who hate America and everything it stands for will not stop attacking us if we try to ignore or appease them. They have never needed a reason to attack us other than our continued existence and success which is a slap in the face of their belief systems.

I believe that it doesn't matter who you sleep with as long as they're a consenting adult. This also means that it's none of the governments business if you decide you want to get married. If a church decides they don't want to perform the service that is their right but as it is a personal decision the government should have no say in it whatsoever.

I believe that if you choose to commit a crime then you are a criminal. You have forfeited any claim upon the rights guaranteed a law-abiding citizen. This means, no cable TV, no weights, no three hot meals a day, no conjugal visits, no dignity.

I believe that as long as people such as Jesse Jackson and David Duke insist on doing nothing more than reinforcing the differences between people we WILL have racism. If you emphasize someone's color, even if you think it's for a positive reason, you are merely entrenching racism that much more.

I believe that it doesn't matter what color you are or what country you're from as long as you're willing to work hard to succeed then you will do so.

I believe that if you immigrate to a country then you should learn the language of that country and NOT expect the citizens of that country to change themselves and their government to suit you.

I believe that if you enter the country illegally then you are a criminal. You are not an example of the American Dream. You are not someone to be glorified. You are to be found and deported.

I believe that if you enter the country legally then I will welcome you and your family with open arms. You have shown enough respect for yourself and your new home to abide by the regulations that govern your migration.

I believe that the US of A is the greatest country in the world. Period. End of story.

I believe that the UN is a useless drain on resources of many, many countries.

I believe that a terrorist is just that. Not a 'freedom fighter' or an 'insurgent.' They are spoiled children lashing out because they can't have their way and if that means they have to kill thousands of innocent people they don't care.

I believe that as long as people insist on ignoring fact and instead relying on their opinions to form public policy we will continue in the negative, socialist direction this country has been going for decades.

I believe that as long as we are more concerned with the self-esteem of our children as opposed to their education we will see more and more public schools graduating un-educated people unable to compete for anything other than "Do you want fries with that?"

I believe that those who resort to emotional arguments or name-calling do so because they cannot refute the logic behind the points their opponent is making.

I believe that there are many people out there who will label me a cold, heartless bastard instead of addressing any of the points I made above. I believe if you are unable to have a rational discussion about it then don't bother with the names. I've been called much, much worse and the name-calling didn't bother me then either.


At 11:09 AM, Anonymous KES said...


Why, oh why, does everyone else have to make it so much more complicated?

At 11:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You reasoning is very reductive. Don't you think it's a bit simplistic to say that terrorists are "spoiled children"? We in the US would like to have our way too, wouldn't we? We want democracy to spread to the rest of the world. We want every country to be a capitalist country. What do we do when countries refuse to be democratic? What do we do when countries refuse to conform to capitalism? We go to war. What if our country wasn't big enough, or rich enough to go to war? Would you just sit around while your country was invaded? You seem to love the US a lot. I'm guessing you'd do anything to uphold your beliefs. What do "terrorists" do? Voila, you are now a terrorist. Reductionists can make anything possible. If you are unable to have a rational discussion about it, yada yada yada. Your blog reads like a bowl of fortune cookies--meaningless phrases taken out of context--a river of nonsense that leads to an ocean of more nonsense.

At 11:44 AM, Blogger Mindwyrm said...

"Don't you think it's a bit simplistic to say that terrorists are 'spoiled children'?"

No. What does a spoiled child who doesn't get their way do? They throw a tantrum. They hit, they kick, they scream.

Do we in the US want our way? Of course. Do we want more democracies and capitalist societies? Of course. Do we bomb every country that doesn't do what we want? No. Do we send in suicide bombers anywhere we feel our beliefs are threatened? No.

You can look no farther than China or North Korea for that. In fact, our capitalist companies are going out of their way to assist China in some decidedly undemocratic ventures and the US hasn't attacked them. Quite the opposite in fact. We also supply aid to countless nations that are directly opposed to the US and what it stands for.

If you look at the wars the USA has been involved in there is a pattern to our 'aggressions' as I'm sure you'd call them.

Iraq: part of the war on terror.
Afghanistan: direct response to unprovoked and cowardly attack on us.
GW1: direct response to illegal invasion of and request for assitance from Kuwait.
Vietnam: direct response to violence perpetrated by the National Liberation Front, a communist dedicated to the overthrow of the South Vietnamese government.
Korea: direct response to invasion of South Korea and UN resolution requesting military aid for South Korea.
WW2: we were actually sitting this out till we were attacked.

Where is this "We go to war" attitude that you profess the US holds. It's just not there. Read your history next time and use a few facts instead of your opinions when trying to make a point.

Would I do anything to uphold my beliefs? No.

I would not kill innocents as terrorist do. I would not kidnap and behead as terrorists do. I would not use chemical or biological weapons as terrorists do. I would fight to protect my country and it's citizens. There is a fundamental difference between that and terrorism. Terrorists are indiscriminate in their targets. Talk to Indonesia, Australia, Spain, or England. Talk to the Iraqi's killed every day by IED's or car bombs.

Here's your fortune for the day though: You will continue to not actually make any valid arguments at multiple blogs and you will continue to HIDE BEHIND AN ANONYMOUS TAG. What's the matter, lacking any conviction in your own beliefs?

At 1:55 PM, Anonymous KES said...

I agree 100% with mindwyrm in his rebuttal regarding your ‘we go to war’ comment, ‘nuff said about that.

But, he missed commenting about this:
“Would you just sit around while your country was invaded? You seem to love the US a lot. I'm guessing you'd do anything to uphold your beliefs. What do "terrorists" do? Voila, you are now a terrorist”

This ‘argument’ only works if you believe that every single ‘insurgent’ in the Iraq and/or Afghanistan war were natives of that country. Since this has not been proven true, your point is meaningless.

Likewise, to assume that mindwyrm, or any other American would resort to terrorist-like behavior if the US should ever be invaded is a tenuous assumption. It is MUCH more likely that most Americans would join the established military or local reserves/militia in the case of an invasion. Should all those institutions fail in throwing out the invaders then yes, I believe that guerrilla actions would be adopted. But, this is a far cry from what the terrorists have done. Guerrillas target the opposing force and it’s supply chain, and generally act within the code of war regarding civilians—since they are civilians themselves. Terrorists on the other-hand specifically target civilians.

THE difference between your average American and your average terrorist is that Americans believe that other’s beliefs can co-exist with our own. In the case of conflicted beliefs, that others can be persuaded by reason and argument… maybe the occasional incentive. Terrorists believe that all must comply with their beliefs and those who don’t must be eradicated and/or subdued. They see no distinction between military personnel and civilian. They, (because of the society they were raised in not because of any inherent lack) are incapable of tolerating those different than themselves. They see all ‘others’ as destructive to their society and therefore as something to be destroyed.

To know why I am proud to be American, look at how we handle those who behave in ways that are ‘unacceptable’ to our society as a whole. We’ve spent billions of dollars and whole libraries of legal documents in the attempt to remove social barriers and promote equality. We actively punish groups who perform acts of violence against others, be they the KKK, or the Black Panthers. Yet we support their ability to express themselves in any non-violent manner they choose. The distinct difference being we punish ACTIONS not BELIEFS.

You, as an apologist for heinous, terrorist acts are repulsive to me. You rank up there with pedophiles and serial killers in how twisted your mind must be. I wish that you and all those who think like you were isolated and given the world you desire, because I KNOW that what you wish for is a much worse fate than any I could conjure. But, I would fight to the death for your right to speak your mind because I also KNOW that should your voice be silenced, we would all be diminished by it.

PS: Mindwyrm, sorry this is so long...


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